PU Pigs, Polyurethane Pipeline Cleaning Pigs

Polyurethane (PU) Pipeline Cleaning Pigs



Pigs With Lips Replaceable: All the Pigs made in Polyurethane are with replaceable lips. Lips might be made of PU, Viton Rubber, EPDM Rubber as per customer requirements and specifications. Usually Body of Pig is manufactured using Metal, PU Nose/Nylon Nose/ Viton Rubber Nose, etc. Integration of magnetic core can be done. Foremost important part replaceable/wearing part is Lips, usually made from PU & Viton Rubber. Various sizes of Pigs are manufactured according to size of Pipe and bends in the pipeline. Benefits: *Material Consumption very less compared to traditional Pigs. * Cost Effective in replacement of parts minimizing time factor. * Reusable Base Body. * Cost Effective in manufacturing (overall cost reduction of Pigs). Functionality: It can be used bidirectionally within the system. It can only be removed through the system until lips worn out. Options: * Different material lips can be used. * Magnetic Core can be used if necessary for pig detection in the control line.

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